Wyoming State Librarian

Kristen Trumbull

Kristen stumbled upon her local DAR chapter in 2014 while in college after seeing that there was a presentation on a topic she was researching for an upcoming paper. Sitting through the meeting, she noticed in a borrowed copy of the ritual book that her great-great grandmother, HSR and former First Lady of Wyoming Mary Brooks, was a co-founder of the Fort Caspar Chapter. In the past four years she has managed to become highly involved in this organization.

She currently serves her chapter as Corresponding Secretary and keeps everyone up to date through her monthly newsletters. Other positions held by her in the past include chapter Librarian and co-chair of the chapter Historic Preservation Committee. She assisted her mother, Shelly Trumbull, in completing the Fort Caspar addendum plaque project, earning 3rd place nationally in 2018. She prides herself on being one of the only active junior members in her local chapter but hopes that her involvement will spark an interest in other young women from the community.

Kristen works on her family’s ranch helping to continue their Wyoming legacy. She is proud of her roots and strong family history here as a member of a Wyoming First Family. In her spare time, she works for the Wyoming Ground Water Association and at her neighbor’s horse stable. She is also an accomplished singer, enjoys photography, crafting, skiing, and traveling.