Wyoming State Chaplain

Tawnie Kern

Tawnie became involved in DAR when she was 13 years old serving as a Page during Wyoming’s State Conferences.  Eventually she became of age and was able to join DAR as a Junior and has been a member for 25 years.

She is currently serving as State Chaplain and is the Recording Secretary for her Chapter.  Over the last 25 years she has held several offices both for her Chapter and the State.  On a Chapter level she has served as Regent, Vice-Regent, Recording Secretary, Librarian/Historian and Chaplain.  On a State level she has held the offices of Corresponding Secretary (several years in a row), Vice-Regent and Recording Secretary Pro-Tem.  She has served as Chairman on several committees for her Chapter and for the State which include DAR Schools, Junior Membership, American Indians and Women’s Issue to name a few.

She has had the Honor of being one of Wyoming’s three Outstanding Juniors to represent the State at Continental Congress and compete in the National OJ Competition and has had the opportunity to attend Continental Congress on two other occasions.

One of Tawnie’s Maternal Grandmother’s hobbies was Genealogy and it is through her hard work that Tawnie’s family was able to trace their heritage back to their Ancestor and she was able to become a member of DAR.  Eventually all three of her daughters and Tawnie would become members and become involved in DAR.  Tawnie is proud to be a Wyoming Daughter.